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The first three years of life are crucial for the development of human potential. During this period, the basis of personality, social skills and human values ​​are formed. Understanding child development allows us in a Montessori environment to meet the needs of toddlers and promote a sense of belonging, independence and language acquisition, allowing children to feel capable and confident. Environments for children from around eighteen months to three years that focus on the development of movement, language and independence in a social context support children in developing their abilities and interacting with peers.

We believe that an environment created according to Montessori principles is the key to the harmonious and full development of every child. Come see for yourself and discover the magic of Montessori pedagogy with your own eyes.

How does it look here?


What else will children experience with us?

English, eating, exercise

Who works with children?

AMI Montessori

The school educational program "We give children wings so they can fly their own way" of our school fully meets the outputs of the RVP ZV and is based on the curriculum of Montessori pedagogy. We follow the international standards of AMI Montessori (Association Montessori Internationale).

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