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Center for parents and children

In a prepared environment, you and your child can experience Montessori pedagogy firsthand under expert guidance.

How to unwrap? How to handle all the housework with a child? How to arrange the environment at home for a child? When is it time to stop breastfeeding?
How and what to cook with children? How much time should a child spend on a tablet and how much on a mobile phone?

These are common questions from parents that we talk about at the center.

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For a child up to 1.5 years old with a parent, 60 minutes
Capacity max. 5 children and 5 parents

Play Montessori

For a child under 1.5 years with a parent, 30 minutes
Capacity 3 children and 3 parents

A short but intensive exercise for a toddler with a parent based on Montessori pedagogy. The exercise is divided into several parts: eye-hand coordination, speech development, fine motor exercises, gross motor exercises. It takes place in a rapid sequence of activities in order to follow the ability to concentrate adequately for this age and to gradually develop this ability.


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The center is equipped with a kitchen for children, a children's bathroom and toilet, a Montessori workshop, a mini gym with tools and aids for the development of motor skills, a kitchen for adults, a changing room with a changing area.


Montessori Zlín

Nad Ovčírnou 344

76001 Zlín

AMI Montessori

The school educational program "We give children wings so they can fly their own way" of our school fully meets the outputs of the RVP ZV and is based on the curriculum of Montessori pedagogy. We follow the international standards of AMI Montessori (Association Montessori Internationale).

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