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Hradisko Forestry School

Hradisko Forest School is a plot of land in the middle of the forest in the bosom of nature near the center of Zlín. There are many opportunities for real adolescent work that gives foundation and meaning to theoretical and academic education.

Last but not least, it offers space for a young soul to rest and meditate in the fresh air. A natural environment is created here for the perception of oneself in a micro-society and the understanding that the work of each individual is necessary for the functioning of the whole group and for the creation of good relationships. Adolescents learn and work in a safe, respectful and moral environment with clear discipline and a friendly atmosphere that is tolerant of mistakes.

School forest

"Forest in the school - school in the forest" is an idea that we practice with children in the 1st grade of elementary school and in kindergarten during children's stays in the school forest in Hradisko. Where else should children learn about nature than in nature itself while moving in the fresh air.

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