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Elementary School

2nd degree

Adolescence is a critical period of human development. For children aged 12 to 18, Maria Montessori intended a special environment - a model school of experience with the basics of social life, where work is combined with academic study. She called this environment the Center for Study and Work.

Teenagers go through very challenging and sensitive times during these years. At the end of this developmental period, they are in a special life stage, on the threshold of adulthood, therefore the environment should reflect all aspects of adult life and provide opportunities not only to realize academic interests, but also to participate in real practical work of adults in a social environment as close as possible to real society . Through experiences with everyday life and its responsibilities, teenagers practice what it takes to become contributing members of the wider society.

Part of this experience is an introduction to the economy and an understanding of its importance for everyday life. Another important aspect of the adolescent environment is that adolescents should be in close contact with nature, both for the mental and physical relaxation of rapidly developing young bodies, and also to instill an appreciation and understanding of responsibility for the planet on which we live and of which we are a part .

School for teenagers is intended for young people between the ages of 12 and 18. Sometimes young people are divided into two groups from 12 to 15 and from 15 to 18, and sometimes all six years meet in one environment, depending on the size of the school.

Education in our school ends in the 9th grade for now.

How does it look here?


What environment do we use?


It serves academic study and theoretical lessons.


Children will try different work roles, teamwork, responsibility, inventing

and creating products, keeping accounts or communicating with customers.

Hradisko Forestry School

It is part of the environment for field teaching, adolescent work and for research-oriented projects.

There are many opportunities for real work for adolescents in Hradisk. They work with wood, on the farm,

they raise chickens, grow plants in flower beds. He is learning to keep bees.

What else will children experience with us?

Sports, field trips, excursions, studio, organizing community events, theater, music, workshops

Who works with children?


M.Sc. Renáta Špalková

head of the 2nd grade team

teacher of mathematics,

physics and geography


M.Sc. Zuzana Strachoňová

teacher of work projects,

moral education


M.Sc. Ada Ioana Barba

English speaking teacher,

Spanish language teacher


Ing. Kvetoslav Hönig

teacher of Czech language, 

history, biology, chemistry


Bc. Veronika Zapletalová

IT teacher


Jana Krupová

English language teacher


MSc. Thomas Alzo

English speaking teacher,

teacher of PE


M.Sc. Monika Blechová

French language teacher

teacher of PE

AMI Montessori

The school educational program "We give children wings so they can fly their own way" of our school fully meets the outputs of the RVP ZV and is based on the curriculum of Montessori pedagogy. We follow the international standards of AMI Montessori (Association Montessori Internationale).

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