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We accept children from the age of 3 to kindergarten.

Registration takes place from 5/2 to 5/15/2024.

The current number of vacancies from September 2024 for the school year 2024/2025 is 5 .

Base price


CZK 6.850 / month

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Thursday: 7:15 - 16:30, Friday: 7:15 - 16:00


How to sign up

  1. Fill out the admission form

  2. Make an appointment at

  3. We will offer you a visit date with the child. Get all the information you need at the meeting

  4. Submit an application


Admission form


Child's registration card

Pediatrician's statement

Conditions of acceptance

  • Children are usually admitted to kindergarten at the age of three.
    (A younger child can be admitted after individual agreement.)

  • The child is a sibling of an already enrolled child.

  • The child attends Butterfly Montessori Zlín School

  • Parents show a long-term interest in attending our kindergarten and share the alternative approach of our kindergarten

  • Parents will receive the admission decision no later than June 10, 2024

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