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In our Montessori kindergarten, curiosity is cultivated, independence is celebrated, and each child's unique journey to knowledge is honored. We believe in laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning from an early age.

Maria Montessori called the environment for children between the ages of 3 and 6 Casa dei Bambini (House of Children). Three-year-olds, who have already formed the foundations of their personality, come to this prepared environment to develop and refine their abilities.

Children learn through real-life activities that promote independence and self-reliance. They learn by engaging as many senses as possible and manipulating objects and aids that are designed to provide specific sensory experiences. All this leads to the improvement of their movements, sensory perceptions, the development of language and the development of their intellect. All members of this mixed-age community thrive on opportunities to pursue their own interests, freely choose their own activities, develop their ability to focus, and engage at their own pace in their developing mental capacities, imaginations, and social relationships.

Tools and activities are designed to encourage independent exploration and learning and are therefore ideal for this developmental stage. The environment offers practical life activities that develop both independence and social skills; sensory activities that enhance sensory perception; activities for the development of spoken language, writing and reading; and math activities that develop basic math concepts as well as activities that incorporate understanding of geography, history, biology, science, music and art. Trained adults accompany children on this journey, helping them to become well-adjusted individuals, ready to take a positive, pro-social place in their world.

How it looks here


What else will children experience with us?

English, exercise, outdoor activities, theatre, music, hobbies

Who works with children?


M.Sc. Eva Pekárková

the main teacher of Žluťásek 


Bohumila Čubová

teacher of Modrásek and English


Dis. Vendula Hrouzková

afternoon teacher


M.Sc. Jana Mikuláštíková

teacher of Žluťásek


Jana Krupová

teacher of English


Lucie Kriváková

the main teacher of Modrásek


M.Sc. Karolina Šteklova

afternoon teacher

AMI Montessori

The school educational program "We give children wings so they can fly their own way" of our school fully meets the outputs of the RVP ZV and is based on the curriculum of Montessori pedagogy. We follow the international standards of AMI Montessori (Association Montessori Internationale).

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